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The Quiverfull Bubble Hath Burst!

Under the nose of the nation, the Quiverfull Movement has been growing for some time now. For those who have never heard of Quiverfull, it is a Christian fundamentalist movement that has been gaining recognition from mainstream media. Taken alone, it is not considered to be a religion, but more of a philosophy within Christianity. Followers are encouraged to have as many children as possible, explaining the nomenclature, because it is said to be better to have a full quiver of arrows, which is a metaphor for the number of children in a large family. An example of a prominent family who lives this lifestyle is the Duggars. Although they publicly claim to not be Quiverfull devotees, they meet the criteria by nearly all accounts even going as far as to use “blanket training” a Michael and Debi Pearl technique to break infants of their free will. So why is this almost normalized movement suddenly losing numbers? This is my conspiracy on the matter.

At its height, the Quiverfull movement seemed to be this silent force in the US bible belt that was taking over like a plague. Yet the children of this movement who were raised with prejudice against free will found that although independent thought had been suppressed, their lifestyle could not stomp it out entirely, much to the disapproval of their community enforcers. As it turned out the main reason that people are leaving according to my sources, is the lack of reward for all of the compliance that was violently beaten into each member. Rampant child abuse only bred discontent and less generational loyalty. In the end, Quiverful is all demand and no peace for its followers.

Where they are going after leaving the movement depends. Many still stay religious but do not follow the isolating regiments that Quiverfull came with. Things like spending 3 to 6 hours a day on church grounds or doing church-related tasks have lost their pull on the members who have fled. Still, these members do tend to remain conservative in their ideology. This is why during the election I assumed that the conservative side would have had a very high turnout because even non-practicing Quiverfull people tend to come from large families and have large families themselves, giving Trump voters the numbers they required. In the end, not as many have left as are still in and only time will tell if the Quiverfull movement ever becomes completely forsaken. As for my own opinion on the movement, I do hope that more leave as no ideology should ever sanction child abuse and corporal punishment of a child is never to be tolerated as it is in the Quiverfull community. Do you know anyone who has escaped the Quiverfull life? Say your thoughts in the Conspiracy Meow! social media comment section and as always, Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!

*The reference material for this comes from a person tied to the Quiverfull community and from the YouTube channel Chris Shelton who interviewed Kristiana Miner (


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