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This agreement applies to users who participate by uploading comments and posts. To define the scope of the permissions that you are granted by uploading your contributions, users are agreeing not to upload or make comments on anything that infringes on anyone else’s rights. By utilizing this site, you are confirming that you understand that Conspiracy Meow! reserves the right to remove your comments in perpetuity, you consent to content and comment monitoring and understand that Conspiracy Meow! staff may exercise the right to deny uploaded material or comment posting at their discretion.

Comments and content that have been uploaded can be removed as Conspiracy Meow! so chooses and are subject to monitoring by Conspiracy Meow! staff. All comments may be verified by Conspiracy Meow! before appearing in the comment and content section. Comments that are inflammatory, inappropriate, constitute threats, encourage violence of any kind or discrimination will not be authorized. All content is subject to be analyzed on Conspiracy Meow! Posts may be evaluated in order to help detect abuse and keep the platform safe.

Accounts deemed a repeat problem by Conspiracy Meow! May be terminated as Conspiracy Meow! finds necessary.

The age requirements of this site; Conspiracy Meow! requires that users adhere to the specific age requirements for their country and/or locality, if a Conspiracy Meow! user is a minor in their country and/or locality, they must always have their parent or legal guardian’s permission before using this site.

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