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Taco Ballz Deep- Epilogue: Taco Ballz Express

Miro and Una reconnected swimmingly. It was a magical feeling, like catching lightning in a bottle. Miro was glued to the bar as they talked about everything but the fire during Una's shift. When the Tilted Beaver had closed in the early morning hours, Miro offered Una a ride home. She of course accepted.

Una grabbed her purse from the dressing room locker and walked to the parking lot outside. Miro was there waiting as he smiled like a Cheshire cat, as he stood in front of a food truck with "Taco Ballz Express" painted on it in large letters. Una losing herself in the moment ran to Miro to hug him. He scooped her up. She was so small in his arms. While they embraced he whispered in her ear, "I had to get my Assistant Manager back." They made love right there in the food truck, again and again. Miro was truly gifted. Una couldn't stop smiling.

When they were done Miro filled in Una on all the details. He explained that when the restaurant was on fire he ran into the back office and pocketed all of the large bills from the safe and then the cash register too. Una stopped him saying, "That couldn't have been much though, right?" Miro went on "It was a few hundred dollars. What was valuable were the posters. They were all signed by famous musicians back in the day. My Uncle, who has never worked a day in his life didn't know that my grandfather had the celebrities sign the backs of the posters. Only I knew because I took down all the posters when we met that morning." Una remembered how he was so interested in that when she first approached him that she accidentally startled him. "Can I ask how much were they worth?" Una said. Miro answered, "Let's just say, it only took selling one poster to buy this truck."

From that day forward Miro was the owner of Taco Ballz Express a food truck and catering company. Una remained his loyal Assistant Manager. They were truly happy together.

The End


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