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Taco Ballz Deep- Chapter Six: Them's Ballz be Crispy

Miro ran inside the burning building. Una couldn't stop him. It felt like he was in there too long. She was calling out for him to come back when she saw the two hobos from before cowering by the dumpster. Una approached them, asking what had happened. They explained that they went into the kitchen by pushing open the drive-thru window to make dinner for themselves once they noticed the restaurant had closed early with no one inside. However, when a grease fire began, they poured cold water on top of the flames which turned it into an explosion and they fled. Una didn't want to call anyone official about the disturbance until Miro gave her the go-ahead, but she couldn't let him get hurt in there either. Luckily Miro soon emerged from the flames, cradling a box from the back office. It was full of Taco Ballz promotional posters from days past. Una rushed to him with enormous joy that he was seemingly unharmed. A distraught Miro spoke of the box being the only thing he could carry away in time.

Una could hear the sirens of the city fire trucks rushing to their location in the near distance. Eddy must have made the call for help. Una urged the hobos to run for it together before they were caught. The two men instead held each other, agreeing that this had been the best morning of their lives. One kneeled saying, "Babe, I never want to pay rent again or see you have to scavenge for food. Let's say we did it on purpose so that we can be together for years to come." His partner squealed in excitement replying, "That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me! Of course, I'll go with you anywhere, Honey Bunch!" Then they kissed one another in true love.

The cops took statements from everyone and had the Tilted Beaver give their security footage to prove that Miro and Una had not been in Taco Ballz during the start of the fire. Miro called his uncle to tell him the news. Mr. Owen comforted Miro, telling him that the building was still insured. The police released Miro and Una, as this was an open and shut case for them to document. The two hobos were driven away together as they looked into one another's eyes. Una watching them commented, "Looks like they got their happily ever after." Miro putting his smoke-damaged box of posters in his car, shrugged, "Too bad their home burnt down." Una feeling bad about not being more soothing to Miro apologized saying, "I'm sorry Mr. Wolfgang. What are you going to do now?" He answered, "I'm going to go home, have a cold beer, and take a nice hot shower." He then got into his car and waved to Una as he drove away. Una wished she had asked him out before he left. She wondered if she'd ever see him again.

The next day Una went to the Deli where she used to work to ask for her old job back, but her vacancy had already been filled. She turned in a few applications online and asked around her friend group to see if anyone knew of places that were hiring. When that didn't produce any bites, she called Eddy at the Tilted Beaver and asked him if he needed another bartender. He said he'd help any friend of Miro's and could give her a few hours a week starting that Friday afternoon. Una missed Miro. She missed his blue eyes, his carefree attitude, and his gorgeous smile. She wished she was still working at Taco Ballz so she could see him every day. She wondered if he felt the same way about her.

Eddy made good on his word to hire Una for a few afternoon shifts during the week. It was enough to hold Una over until she found something more permanent. Pete the missionary had become a regular at the Tilted Beaver. He and Odetta were quite the item. Their whirlwind romance soon had Odetta working extra hours so that she could pay for her dream wedding to Pete. All the other missionaries would stop by to help support the couple often. Within six weeks, Odetta and Pete had more than enough for their royal-inspired wedding with extra funds to spare for a grand honeymoon in Bali.

Una was even an usher at their wedding. She hoped that Miro would have attended, but according to Chris despite him being invited, Miro declined because he had a very hush-hush project of his own that he could not neglect. Una assumed that Miro had someone else to go home to or that she had not made the impression on him that he had on her. Later that week it was the first hint of fall outside. Una started her shift after a particularly good morning. Her hair had fallen just right. She didn't hit any traffic on the road and her clothes fit tightly in all the right places. She was taking inventory of the bar before any customers came in when no other than Miro walked through the door. His beautiful blue eyes were still as sexy as ever. He walked straight to her the only way a man with his perfect broad shoulders could. He took a seat directly in front of the mesmerized Una and said in his hypnotizingly deep voice, "Hey." Una wanting to melt on the spot, instead straightened herself up, smiled, to said, "What can I do for you, Mr. Wolfgang?"


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