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Time, Dogs, Us and God

The other day the ever-gluttonous Conspiracy Meow! logo dog (real name Mrs. Kara Sparkles) was being her usual anti-diet self and wanted me to give her all the treats she could stuff her tiny face with. In trying to prevent my little chubby canine friend from suffering the ill effects of obesity, I made her wait until her scheduled mealtime to have something to eat. During this delay, my little doggy was very annoyed with me for refusing to give in to her treat-seeking wants and I wondered why she was so insistent. It came to me then that I may only be waiting until dinner time to feed her, but she lives only a tenth of the time on Earth as I do, and during her wait, it may very well have felt ten times longer to her than it was to me for dinner time to come around. With that, I realized that I may have been very time-focused on a few things in my own life more than once and was disappointed when the result did not come to fruition to my liking fast enough. This brings me to my opinion on what this means to Christians, who feel like their prayers are going unanswered for too long. Please be mindful, that this is only a light-hearted opinion post and not meant to be disrespectful by any means. Now, let's dive into why God isn't returning your calls.

If God is all-knowing and has always been in existence, that may take the difference in time perception to a whole new disconnect between him and his human creations. In this particular case, if my dog was waiting four hours to get her treat, was that the equivalent of forty hours to her? This seems to be at least slightly plausible in consideration of any time differences by lifespan. This could apply to prayer if God is the one answering his people, how quickly would he have to act to help those, and would that amount of time feel the same to those he is helping? If the difference in time according to lifespan accounts of anything, then the people praying would never have their prayers answered in their lifetime or their children's lifetime because God has existed from the beginning and a person's lifespan is a flash in the pan compared to God's.

This theory has some weak points, like whether God can manipulate time or not (I'm thinking not, or at least not often). If God could manipulate time then the lifespan disconnect would be a non-issue and if he could not then prayers would take even longer to be answered, or maybe not at all ever. In saying this I am leaving it up to the Christians of the world to set me straight. Can God answer prayers promptly compared to humans and if so how does the Almighty do it? Leave your comments in the Conspiracy Meow! forums to explain if I am right or wrong on this topic.


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