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The Beautiful Woman Alone at the Bar

Long ago, when I was still underaged, I met an acquaintance who worked at a bar in the vacation town that we both lived in. She was very pretty but unfortunately had a rotten attitude and I only actually hung out with her on a handful of occasions. We knew each other through mutual friends. The thing about her that makes her worth mentioning now, is that she had a Cardi B kind of job and that is where this conspiracy comes from this week. Yes, let me tell you about the actual employment of my friend Bunny*.

The first time that I met Bunny we were at a barbeque and she asked me to hold her baby while she was smoking a joint outside. It wasn't until an hour later that she came back to get her kid. The impression that I had of her was that she was a self-centered person and the next few exchanges that we had only reinforced that opinion. She was living off of the kindness of strangers it would seem. Her rent was free because she worked nights and lived by housesitting for an often out-of-town roommate who had too much money and no spare time. This didn't stop Bunny from insulting and bashing her benefactor with every breath though. For her own personal enrichment Bunny worked nights at a local hotspot. When I heard what she did for a living I was appalled and flabbergasted.

On busy nights Bunny waits at the bar alone, in a provocative dress. Her job is to challenge whoever hits on her to a drinking contest. Just about every man takes Bunny up on this task because she is about 110lb and it's an excuse to hang out with her as she flirts with them. The bartender, being in on the ruse gives Bunny iced tea or cold water to drink and liquor to the man. Each shot costs about $20.00 to $30.00 and the mark would buy himself and Bunny each round of shots. After roughly 10 drinks Bunny walks away and the bouncer takes the man outside saying he is too drunk. All this happens in less than an hour and Bunny either goes home for the night or waits for the next one after her break is over and she goes back to work.

Bunny was as far as the payroll was concerned a waitress. She made slightly above minimum wage plus the pooled tips the other staff split at the end of the shift. There are Bunnies everywhere in the world. Have you ever been conned by a Bunny? If so say your story in the site forums and as always, Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!

*names are changed for privacy protection


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