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Sofia The First a Vicious Dictator

This may be a little far-fetched. This Disney Channel fantasy is about a peasant girl whose mother marries the King of Enchancia and becomes a princess overnight. The show charts the journey of this charismatic girl as she moves into her new role within her family and social status. Only, Sofia tends to dominate her surroundings and seems to feed off of affection by siphoning it from others, particularly the heir apparent twins that are her step-siblings. What does it all mean? Maybe Sofia the First is the prequel to the violent overthrow of the Enchanica royal family. Allow me to explain.

Sofia the First could have begun by networking, not only in the castle but also in the royal academy. She friended the head butler, Baileywick, who essentially runs the palace. This would give her a massive advantage over the established royal family in all things connected to the castle. Next Sofia befriended every princess from school. All of which are a part of their kingdoms. She also kept her commoner friends who could have kept her in the know about village happenings and any possible unrest she could have jumped on as an opportunity.

Sofia's initial casualties of her power-hungry ways were the usurped crowned prince and princess. Each of the actual royals had a dwindling role as Sophia slowly took over the kingdom. Sofia was able to use all of Princess Amber's lifestyle-enforced royal protocol against her to prove herself as more relatable. Prince James being more cautious, remained non-confrontational with Sofia, and she with him. Possibly because James wanted to be on the winning side (whichever that is) and he recognized that Sofia was a serious contender for the crown.

Would Sofia go insane with power? Yes. The show spins down more and more into fantasy before the series concludes. Or to make a conspiracy out of it, Aunt Tilly sees what is happening, and with King Roland's blessing, they give Sofia more tasks away from the home. All to distract Sofia while the royal family scrambles to undo the foundation of power Sofia had created for herself within their kingdom. Is it believable? Probably if you strain to watch it in the morning, it is at least another angle to view the show.


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