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My Fictional Animal the Fluffin Glow

Mythical creatures are just the best. Griffins and Krackens may be fake, but I wish they were real. As for me, I want to throw my hat into the ring and write up a creature of my own for the ages. Why not of course? If you could create any animal into reality would you? What would it be like big or small? Powerful or not? What does it look like? What would it do? This is my take on which made-up creature should exist. I call it the Fluffin Glow, enjoy.

Fluffy, white, and brown fur. It's a combination of a pomeranian and a lightning bug. It has butterfly-like wings that are clear with a metallic sheen that has fur lining on the wing's edges. It barks like a fox and has tiny feet. Its little bum lights up at night and it glows a pale blue shade. This lighting action indicates a Fluffin Glow's emotional state much like a dog's tail in the way that it wags. My faux animal is not all sunshine and snuggles, it also has venom in its claws, that causes purple spots and itching for three hours after it scratches. This is needed by the Fluffin Glow because it fights other mythical animals in the wilderness.

Moreover, though, it is smart, cuddly, and spends its days eating purple flowers along the mountainside. Its life span is at least 30 years. Like other canines, it lives in a pack family. These animals are close companions to each other throughout their lives, hunting and living together as a unit. The Fluffin Glow stays hidden from humans because its natural home is the highest of mounting tops that it rarely ventures down from during the winter as it hibernates in rocky caves under the snow. It is also a mostly nocturnal creature and leaves no tracks because it flies close to the ground as if to nearly hover above it. Any noise will frighten it off, those making loud humans are unlikely to ever bump into one.


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