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Best Memories of Mrs. Kara Sparkles

This week all scheduled uploads were canceled because the dearest and most beloved dog I know died from complications of an enlarged heart. In truth, the loss of her has been devastating. However, she was a source of light and joy when she was alive. So, with love and great sadness at her passing, I wrote a short list of some of the tiny things that made Sparkles who she was. These are some of the stories about her that will always make me smile when I think of her. Please enjoy.

1) The night I realized the dog was smarter than me.

It was winter and we had a futon in the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is by the way the coldest room in the house. Not one to be told how to live her life I set Sparkles up in the kitchen, the warmest room in the house, but she wasn't having it. I often slept in the guest room to avoid the loud snoring of the person that I was in a relationship with at the time. Sparkles though did not like to be left out of the action of the people that she lived with and acted as if she wanted to be let out after midnight one night by barking by the doorway. When I got up to let her out she scurried away, following her I found her butt first on my pillow on the futon. Knowing that I had been outsmarted, I slept at the end of the bed that night. She deserved her victory.

2) Being funny about chicken

Chicken was always Sparkle's favorite food, God forbid you tried to feed her dry food. She was always the first to let you know when she thought it was ready to come out of the oven. If I were making dinner and Sparkles came into the kitchen I knew she thought the chicken was done. She would bark at the oven and when I looked at her she would keep her face straight and motion with her eyes at the food. I will miss my little chicken timer now every time that I cook.

3) My little camping buddy

I always hated camping, but Sparkle wasn't totally against it. When we would go, I would be sure to take her knowing that she would roam about and make it an interesting event. At night she would curl up with us like the little snuggle buddy she was, snoring the night away. In the morning she would wake up everyone in our group and be ready for more adventures, tail wagging and all. The only thing she wouldn't do was go swimming, it was not to her liking.

4) The little things

Her paws tapping on the floor, her warm spot on the couch, always asking for chicken, morning snuggles, and more. These were the things that made Sparkles who she was and the reason that it was so easy to love her. She was the most honest and sincere being that I had the pleasure to know. She is missed greatly. She was and always will be loved.


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