The Moonstone Heiress Chapter Eleven: The Brutality and Saviours Amongst Us

Carlone was immediately thus into a meeting she would have preferred to never have had. The two men she was to report directly to were the Captain and the Lieutenant. She was nonchalantly greeted by the heavily muscled men when she entered. While there, Carlone could only think about was how unsafe she felt during the exchange as if the men were holding back from attacking her despite the spoken formalities. The Captain was likely in his mid-age years, while the Lieutenant was in his early thirties. Both towered over the athletic in her own right Carlone as they stood over her to speak. As she found out, Carlone was expected to for all accounts train as and keep up the appearances of being a member of the Queen's guard, even though she was never to be anywhere near the Queen. She was told in fact to discreetly turn away in the opposite direction if she ever found herself to be in the Queen's path. Still, Carlone was given an official uniform all the same. This perplexed the girl because she knew she was not supposed to ever perform the task that guards do, which was to keep watch. For her trouble, she would be paid a handsome amount each week, as well as the standard room and board that the guards receive. Carlone realized quickly she was both living her wildest dream and biggest nightmare due to this arrangement. The one truth she could sort out from all of the false smiles or misleading assignments was that she was now entangled in an environment that could be dangerous if she ever fell o