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Fake Job, Real Crime

It has come to the attention of Conspiracy Meow! That there have been some people who have similar stories regarding a not quite right job interview process or an oddly short stint at a place of employment with a questionably high turnover rate. Nothing here is an outright accusation, but more of speculation of the facility involved knowing that there has been a little too much in common with employee complaints.

We begin with a friend of a friend talking about how she was doing some light medical billing for a job she had at a healthcare facility. The charge posted with a credit for the next appointment after the insurance submitted its end. When the provider saw the account she went to "correct" this finding, saying that they never owe the patient for treatment. When the clerk tried to explain that patient received a credit for a treatment plan that required multiple visits and that the credit was for the remaining appointment she was fired on the spot. Leaving it to be assumed that the patient paid out of pocket for their follow up care and never got to use their insurance paid out credit for treatment.

This particular office has the highest clerk turnover rate for some distance. It also has many patients on various forms of state and/or federally subsidized insurance. It seems the story is always the same, the provider and clinic owner hires a clerk for about two weeks and finds any reason to fire them after that time is up. The billing software used is one of the most, if not the most commonly implemented programs for that type of practice, yet the provider always says that the clerk is an incompetent employee and had to be terminated. This goes on so often that all clerks are hired on a biweekly trial basis and after that have to sign a month to month employment contract after that if they are "lucky". It seems that these clerks are never really meant to stick around long, despite jobs like this generally running more smoothly when the employee turnover is low.

Never one to miss a good opportunity, Conspiracy Meow! did some investigating and found a few things that were not altogether on the level. The constant hiring of new clerks was the first big out of place activity of issue, but it wasn't just the facility's clerks that were being replaced regularly either. The whole staff lineup is being fired left and right for reasons that make little to no sense. One might have not moved fast enough, while another was let go for asking too many questions. Others have reported that the hiring process was the biggest red flag that the job was not a good one. Complaints of intrusive questioning, none of which related to job tasks or others saying that they were never really given a job, to begin with, just a request to hang around for a week after giving their tax information.

The defense of the people in charge of this place is to imply that they were given a weak pool of talent to source from and that they expect that their establishment should run without a hitch. This explanation would almost hold water if it weren't for the fact other facilities in the area hire from the same community and do not have a fraction of the turnover as this place does.

Explanations range from pettiness and insecurity on the part of the hiring authority. Another reason may be that the facility is hiring the least experienced workers to save money, which still does not explain why none of the clerks were trained or lasted very long on the job. A cynical onlooker might even make the claim that the clinic in question is committing Medicaid or insurance fraud and the firing of those bothersome clerks is to prevent any continuity in reporting. In the end, it adds up to either a well-run fraud palace or a poorly run ego den. It is the opinion of Conspiracy Meow! that the IRS should inspect the books of that place either way, along with running the social security numbers of former employees against recent federal benefit recipients to make sure that the boss isn't selling anyone's info to identity thieves. In the end, maybe something fishy is going on there or maybe not, but if you get hired to work at the worst place in town, I wish you better luck compared to those who came before you.

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