Working to Middle Class and Back, Oh My

There comes a time to start taking stock of things. What went well, what worked out for the best, what should I have left alone? Things like that. I suppose that I have a very unique perspective as a person who grew up poor yet still had the odd situation of constantly revolving around those who are well off. I'm always seeming to float between the two classes, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. If it is of any consequence to anyone out there who would benefit from my life experience regarding social class, this is what I found for myself on the matter.

The beginning is easy to explain, one of my parents was middle class and the other terribly poor. Living between the two worlds showed me neither are happy or sad ways to live if you have the wrong or right company. As a child, I had less and as an adult, I had a little more. It was the climb to the middle class and the constant strain and fear of failure that first surprised me about what sets these classes apart. In the times that I had the most, I also had, even more, to try to live up to. Anxiety over losing a crushing job that could cause a type of social disgrace seemed to loom over me at every turn. After long enough I lost the ability to laugh during those years that others would have gladly wanted to be in my place.

It all came to a breaking point though. When a realization dawned upon me that it was better to have the freedom that a lower tax bracket could allow, that I knew of from my younger years than to have to go another day in the total misery of pretenses, I was saved. Starting out poor was considered such a disadvantage growing up, but as an adult, it was a vital skill to have that allowed me to not live in the fear of losing my lifestyle when the chips were down. To those that are ashamed of your background due to its limited means, don't be. Money comes and goes all the time for everyone. Appreciate having the ability to adapt and overcome instead of only the fallback of breaking down is something to cling to in rough times.

Still, it isn't all easy to be poor again, bills once not given a second thought, now can be suffocating. Surprisingly, both classes suffer when conflicts regarding time come up. This is because time is a luxury that neither poor nor the well-off can buy. A lack of time can greatly infringe on personal relationships. It is hard to tell someone you love them and spend very little time with them and they still believe you. Moreover, it's not perfect in either way of life.

In closing I will leave with this, don't spend your life thinking that it's better on the other side. There are a few things I know to be true from a lifetime of bungling around this planet. The first being that; don't hold onto what you think will never change because it probably already is. The next being that; not all bad things have zero good as a result and vise versa. The last is; to never wish for anyone's situation other than your own because you've been handling your problems better than you know. Keeping going and doing the right thing.