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Three Wishes Reconsidered

Not so long ago, on a long sleepless night, I decided to try to think myself to sleep. Yes, even I can find myself boring. My thought exercise was to think out all of the ways through what would happen if I made three wishes and they came true. For this, I wanted to consider the greater good and in doing so, I mentally made the wishes as follows; no war ever, no rape ever, and no disease ever. All of these wishes are fatally flawed then though I am greatly opposed to them happening. I realized had these things never happened the world as we know it would not exist. Here's why.

In a world that has never had war, then few medical advancements in human history would have been made as they are now. War as horrible as it is has brought medical breakthroughs about. Blood transfusions, Israeli bandages, and so much more all came from the evil of war. By wishing war never existed horrible drawbacks to human medical technology would be incurred.

In a world where rape never existed that means every person on the planet might never have existed. Consider ancient war, plus all the different ways that rape is defined by today. Considering texts from the Bible, Mary was underage when she married Joseph, meaning that Jesus would not exist out of statutory rape. I do not condone rape in any shape or form, but I do acknowledge that if it never occurred in human history the planet would have significantly fewer people. That is because who can safely say that they have a person in their lineage that had not committed rape, which includes spousal rape? Probably none.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in a world that had never known disease, the result would be that of massive overpopulation. The planet could not handle our species without the tragedy of periodically killing off humans like with the plague during the middle ages. I am sad that this has happened and that it will in the future too, but had it never existed, we would all be in a dire situation.

Bad things have happened and they had a ripple effect that can have positives as well. Are war, disease, and rape bad? Obviously. Should we as a species do all we can to prevent bad things from happening? Yes. Is all suffering worthless? No, but it certainly should never be sought.

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