The Two Sided Story of My Elopment

Some critics of this site have pointed out that I always paint myself as the victim in these posts. I, on the other hand, have said that there may be two sides to every story but I know my side the best. As for this melodrama, there are naturally two sides to it. One where my ex went from being prince charming to a passive-aggressive intolerable human being and opposingly his probable takeaway from the matter in which he felt slighted. As a writer, I have to be able to make believable guesses as to what another character may think or feel in order to have as well-rounded of a story as possible. Therefore, this is my writing exercise on the same story with two very different points of view. Each character thinks that they are the victim. I will say, the hardest part of this was trying to get the statements to be more even in length. It's easy to write for myself because I know my own experiences. However, for my now ex's side of the story, I had to fill in plot holes based on what I heard he told others along with my own opinion of how he took it. Enjoy.

Part One: The Beginning