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The Lottery is Probably Hacked

It was a funny thing for me to see the former Duchess and her foreign dignitary spouse on every media outlet, despite never being much interested in them as a topic and me going as far as to block such things whenever possible. Still, Megan Markle is on my Yahoo feed just about every day. For those who do not know the history of the site (, I mostly write about corruption and personal relationship conspiracies. Con-artists are of particular focus in most of my conspiracies too. Not to imply that Megan Markle is a con-artist by any means. I am simply pointing out that her family comes from lotto money, and sure we all wish that we could fall into that kind of cash. The truth of the matter is that there are some intriguing things about some lotto winners that I've always found perplexing. Allow me to explain.

Years ago I lived in a neighborhood where one side of it had the working-class community and the opposite had the rougher side of things on the economic spectrum. At the end of a long day when I was going home, I made a stop in the poorer side's gas station. I noticed that the entire trashcan by the register had thrown out lotto tickets from those who had lost the little money that they had on a hope and dream to be the next recipient of the massive cash prize. This caused me to wonder if so many people who are playing are from poor communities, why are so few minorities winning the big prizes? Megan Markle's father won the jackpot, like the many other white winners that played. It was odd to me that for a randomly drawn numbers game, the numbers never seem to be in the right order for the people who buy tickets and live in government housing.

The stats behind this back up my theory, the average low-income neighborhood has a disproportionately high number of minorities, for reasons too many to list in this here. The lottery has all the appeal in the world for those who are seeking a way out of their unfortunate circumstance and with the promise of supplying all the funds needed to immediately remedy a serious financial deficit, those of lesser monetary standing are drinking the Kool-Aid and putting their money where their wishes are. The middle-class, not so much (

It's apparent that minorities aren't winning as much as should be statistically equal to population demographics. There is of course the case of repeat winners who swear by their techniques that allow them to win and win again. These repeat winners, publish books, give interviews, and go on record explaining how they did the impossible. Call me a skeptic, but when I was in school and we learned about testable hypotheses, there was the concept of replication that made a method or theory validated. In this explanation, we were taught, as you were likely as well, that if an experiment can not be recreated with similar results that the method used is then invalidated. If these winners are telling the world their route to success, why then are there so many who can not achieve what was done by the same means? Sure, stats class can tell me why the lotto is not a reliable investment and that the chances of winning are unlikely, yet shouldn't that also bring to light how unbelievable it is that people that continually play the lottery over and over regularly are the least likely to win?

My conclusion is this; until many more people from the projects win the jackpot, I will never believe that the lottery is not hacked or otherwise skewed in favor of some over others. I call on authorities to investigate the lottery in order to verify that it is not broken. If it is true that the lottery is fixed then I beg for those with any heart or soul who can do so to please authorize some measure of back pay to those who lost funds by a tax bonus to everyone in poor communities from the lottery entities. Do you think I am right or wrong on this conspiracy? Say how you feel in the Conspiracy Meow! forums to let the world know and as always, Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!

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