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The False Sense of Entitlement Within Athletism

Back in my days at the degree mill I begrudgingly attended, I had the misfortune of having to do a group project with a rather obnoxious young woman. To say that she was not very bright would be a polite understatement. In truth, she was a pretty girl with the voice of an overacting cartoon character who was trying to sound ignorant. As much as I cringed at her every word because it proved all of my negative assumptions about her were right with each breath, I must say that I did learn something from her despite her mouth-breathing habits. This is what I took from my time in dealing with an over-exercised idiot.

Our project was simple, to write and read out loud a report about sustainability ratings in the consumer market. We were given a more than generous amount of time to work on it every day in class. We also had about four people in our group making it even more elementary of a task to handle. Yet, no matter how simple the task this young woman was unable to perform any of it. Her duties for the group were eventually dropped down to her being able to write her own name on the PowerPoint presentation introductory slide. She struggled with even that. On the day of the presentation, the group was asked who should be considered the leader of the project surprisingly she spoke up saying that it should have been her. The professor knowing that she was the least academic of us asked her why she felt that way. Her response was equally moronic as it was fascinating. She felt that she should be considered the leader of a project that she was not even able to complete adding her name to the first slide because she worked out every day for two hours of her own accord. She went on to say that it was a great hardship to do all of the physical activity that she did in addition to having a part-time job. She explained that this meant that she was the better of her other group members because she did the most (an assumption on her part) in her daily life.

As important as it is to be a healthy person both in mind and body, there is a point that an effort is wasted. Brushing and flossing your teeth is also an important part of a healthy routine. Yet, if overdone the teeth and gums could very well suffer from erosion and floss cuts. The same with eating a specific fruit or vegetable. When needlessly repeated a person could have the ill effects of ingesting past the upper tolerable limits of the nutrients that it contains. So yes there is some concern when dealing with being overzealous in a redundant task. In this person's case, it was spending two hours every morning at the gym, rather than say doing her homework first and then working out.

I would say that her logic had merit if she were looking to enter into some athletic career pursuit or if she were a competitor of any sort. Instead what this person suffered from was a lack of scheduling and not understanding that just because someone does something that there will be an award for it. In her case, she made the incorrect assumption that her toned body could substitute or cover for the neglect toward her academic responsibilities, and maybe she was right, despite the obvious fact that she was a nitwit, she did pass the class. I can not say if she were ever hired or not anywhere, but then again I don't think that she was looking for a career from her time in college as she often spoke of her she was using her financial aide to send to her family who procreates in order to get ironically more federal subsidies. I suppose all I can say is that no you can not learn to use Powerpoint or much of anything along those lines by not researching it in lieu of going to the gym, but a person whose sole goal is to breed as much as possible like her might not understand/consider that a priority anyway.

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