The Disconnect within the Masonic Community

Publicly Free Masons are known to be the go-to for their family-friendly events and being the moral compass for men seeking guidance. They also, deal with scholarships and charitable donations too. Free Masons often help each other by being the brother who is there to help the other move or to check on a deceased member's widow from time to time. All this is true. However, there are flaws within the Masonic community as well and as a result, this conspiracy wishes to bring to light the ugly side of this ancient fraternity.

As it stands the Masons have fallen far from the once-powerful image of the behind the curtain controllers they once were, to instead be more akin to a frat boy-friendly drunkard club. It is hard to tell if a generational gap or more likely a sudden dip in recruiting standards has led to the wreckage of a once-respected organization. For every decent and respectable Mason, there is an equal number of those who need real polishing.

It has come to the attention of Conspiracy Meow! that more than one of the Masonic wives have reported being surprised by finding that their Amazon devices had been hacked by intrusive Masons. There are also whispers that the wives were tracked by Masons during their relationship before and especially after they broke up. These allegations are concerning at the least. The consistent theme seems that these women are not dealing with one ego in an already difficult situation, but the egos of every guy in the Lodge that has taken their buddy's relationship as a personal investment. Masons may have some power, after all, not so much for world domination, but for making middle-aged women worried.

A real-life example of this is when one wife was horrified after she received a call from a Free Mason on the day she was to speak to a lawyer regarding a divorce. This meeting had been planned with the utmost secrecy. The man, a friend to her husband seemed to be warning her not to dare go through with it. He did not care that the husband was abusive toward the wife. Terrified she chose not to leave the house that day. She knew all too well that the last time her husband and his Masonic brother got together that the person they had an issue with was accused of a crime that she knew he likely did not commit. She was not the only one to say Masons have a tenancy to try to control the relationships of the members by means of coercion. These men make decisions based on their own biased logic and try to force their way of life onto the wives of members.

The truth is that most Masons are petty and flawed people. Their ideals are those that should have gone out with jello molds and "new look" dresses. Many members are unemployed and hardly functioning people. They seem to be less helpful to each other as they are to themselves. Sadly the women of the Masons are expected to fill a Stepford Wives type of role, as their boys drink themselves stupid while somehow managing to find themselves to be incapable of error.

Outside of the misogyny, there is more to Masonic misdeeds than many know, like possible underhanded night operations. A private party has led on to cause the belief that the Masons can't take not getting their way very well. This particular instance of the report started after a person reported the Mason's wife (an unlicensed healthcare worker) for being an avid stoner to her boss, which was true. As a result, two or more Masons went out late at night on a weekday wearing clothes appropriate for a cat burglar before coming home some hours later. The next day it seemed that the person the Mason had a problem with's neighbor had found an unsettling display of severed doll heads on their lawn and pointed the finger to the person the Masons had a problem with. After that, the person who reported the Mason's wife grabbed a college girl and sexually battered her in public despite never before having done something like that. It may have been that the man who offended the Masons really was a lunatic, but knowing that the Masons send at least one college girl to school every year with a hefty scholarship, reasonable doubt starts to set in.

Wife swapping, without the consent of the wives. Ever walk into a room and find all of the women are in a bad mood and all the men are smiling? In the case of at least one Masonic Lodge, the reason might be a bit of a shock. The husbands tried to "swing" and the wives were not impressed, especially after the men lied to each wife saying that the other women had agreed, when in truth only the men had. This caused a rift between the women and to this day there are some who refuse to be traded and gazed at as if they were meat to be had by any bystander. It's no wonder that these women are both repulsed and fearful to try to exit this environment. The only women that seem to tolerate this behavior are the ones that are themselves the kind of people who have the relationship they are in as opposed to dying alone.

It is unfortunate that the bad apples have spoiled the bunch. It is the trifling nature of most that outshine the few good eggs. There some really nice, normal people, who are kind and don't creep on the wives or resort to seedy acts. The sad fact is that because they tend to keep to themselves and fade into the background, while the douchbags seem to be in all places at once. This is where the differences between the Free Masons of yesteryear and the younger generations start to become obvious. While the older Masons seemed to use the society as a means to establish a career, the younger ones seem to use their society to be a little too interested in small-minded pursuits in between their days that are filled with bong hits.

The older generation does not do any of the above as far as this publication knows and it is hard to say if they know or care that their boys have run amok. The trouble is that no one joins a restrictive society like the Free Masons anymore unless there is an angle for them. People who make the big paychecks also have noticeably less spare time and the people who have noticeably more spare time are not the best and brightest the world has to offer, generally speaking. There may be a blind eye being turned, allowing this feral boys club because there just isn't anyone to join anymore otherwise. With the invention of social media, networking has become less secret societies and more public image. Few would have a Facebook account if they were required to take an oath for a lifelong commitment (with a small monthly fee) to join. Alas, Free Masons appear to be moving in a less dignified direction.