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Some Possibilities Involving the Unabomber

Ted Kaczynski or the man known as the Unabomber has become the archetype of the mad genius. Outwardly the Unabomber was anti-technology and operated alone, but Conspiracy Meow! is here to bring up some thoughts on if he really was a lone wolf or if he was truly acting to stop technology. The road to writing this is only a few weeks in for me and above all else, I want to be clear that I am appalled by Kacyzinsky and have nothing but sympathy and respect for the victims here. This is what I took away from my research on this topic.

Initially, I thought Kaczynski was a hitman working for the college. This occurred to me after I learned of the authentication number that Kacyzinski used during his exchange with a news publication in 1993. This involved Kaczynski leading the federal authorities on a wild goose chase with that number which turned out to be a social security number of a 20-year-old man that had "Pure Wood" tattooed on his arm. Kaczynski a man who often laced the theme of wood into his criminal acts was supposedly living a very isolated life, yet he knew of a young man with a tattoo that matched his obsession and the man's social security number too. Had the young man applied for college before? How did Kaczynski get his social? Or know him well enough to know what tattoo he had? It all puzzled me as to how a supposedly isolated man had this type of information. Maybe Kaczynski was good at finding specifics out about people or maybe the tattooed young man freely gave up information for some cash. It all told me Kazcyniski was not alone in his shack as much as he was said to have been.

Then there is the issue of Kacyzinski targeting college professors as often as he did. If the man was hell-bent on stopping technology why target professors, airline executives, and computer store parking lots? For a supposed genius Kacyzinski seemed petty and small potatoes unless his crimes were more personal in nature. This made me question if Kacyinzski was simply acting out a grudge against academia for the Harvard LSD torture/ experiment he was subjected to, and leaving the eco-terrorism as a false lead like so many others. After all, why not a paper factory or some other eco specific place to focus on instead of the men of academia that he went after time and time again? Sure there were outliers in Kaczynski's attacks, but the core focus he had seemed to be colleges. Was Kaczynski repeating attacks on university campuses because it was familiar to him or something more clandestine?

There are psychological details about Kaczynski to sort out as well. Before I continue, I want to state that, not all mentally ill people are violent and not all violent people are mentally ill. That being said, in trying to understand Kaczynski, I came to wonder if he was the product of Autism combined with psychopathic tendencies. This explains why his parents described him as a happy baby, but a troubled toddler. It also explains Kaczynski's inability to socialize well and his obsession with wood.

Moreso than anything else I wondered about Kaczynski's thought process regarding females. I even wrote to the incarnated Kazcyinski asking if he specifically avoided hurting women and children. No response yet, but all signs point to his not having much thought about them in his crimes at all, whether to preserve or destroy them. Look at his attempt to bring down an airliner in 1978, there were definitely women and children on board that flight. In one of the three murders Kaczynski committed, he sent a package to an advertising executive's home, Thomas Mosser, whose wife, and daughter were in the house at the time of its detonation. No, I believe that Kaczynski was instead so fixated on his own plans he never thought of anyone but himself, which is why he targeted the type of men he was jealous of, successful professors and executives. Probably because for a man who could easily surpass his peers in the studies of mathematics, Kacyzinski could still not put aside the insecurity that these men inspired in him a lowly cabin dweller, and that enraged Kazcyinski. A man like Kazcyinski felt like he had to have power over his betters and so he like a rabid animal attacked those who he knew he could never eclipse.

When Kaczynski was captured by federal agents, he was covered in soot and he had a neatly wrapped pipe bomb under his bed. Which brings me to my next point, how did he not accidentally blow himself up? When working with volatile compounds accidents do happen. It surprised me that Kazcyinski didn't have visible scars from his bomb-making or that his shack hadn't burnt down more than once (or maybe it did). There is little information about the trees near Kaczynski's cabin, or if there were shrapnel fragments embedded from failed pipe bombs, which there probably is some. Additionally, it could be possible that some of the bombs he made exploded in the mail and were assumed to be parcel fires, causing the evidence to have been discarded. It also again plays into my theory that he did not act alone in his crimes. If no bombs exploded in Kaczynski's shack, were they all being made there, or were some brought in from another place as well?

Ultimately, nothing Kaczynski did will have the effect he said he intended. The most notable conclusion that I came to from all of this was that Kaczynski's message doesn't matter and neither do his copycats. This is because Kaczynski was a failure in life, he never garnered respect only fear. Kaczynski is the lunatic that you didn't want to get a letter from, not the revolutionary leader he saw himself as. The Unabomber became a joke, it doesn't matter the number of causalities or the harm he had done to his targets. Kaczynski could have made an impact as an academic leader or a peaceful activist but when he instead chose the route of homicide and violence, he proved to be impulsive and irrational. Too bad Kaczynski never took the time to think of if his hostility was rooted within some unchecked inferiority complex, that's the summation of his actions that I arrived at.

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