She Seeks Blue Eyed Babies

Looking to others and assuming their life would be better than the muck you have can be an appealing trap to fall into. The problem with it is that we are all people with our own problems. This logic was lost though on an unstable healthcare worker who had to go from facility to facility looking for work due to her constantly having more than one fling on the job. Her penchant to become obsessed with her married co-workers and her dissatisfaction with her own biological children are likely her underlining motivation to take the path that she chose. It was her seemingly cheerful exterior that made it all such a surprise when the truth came out. This is the true story of how a nurse used her affairs to gain access to the families of her co-workers as she put forth her twisted plan from there.

The woman in our conspiracy will be labeled Bonny* for the purposes of this story. She worked in the operating room at a local hospital. Her motivation in life was to date married men. She started out as a "work wife" and then went on to take over her lover's life from there. The thing is that she is not so interested in her lover, but instead on wreaking havoc on the life of the man's wife. This insecure monstrosity was obsessed with the woman she wished she could be, which was usually a suburban housewife. Her course of action was almost always the same. She would date a married man from work, convince him to get his wife pregnant, and then have him leave the wife if the baby was born with blue eyes. When she has completed her task she then in her sickness felt empowered to have gained a foot in the door of the child's life that she had a hand in the creation of. You may think that this creature of a human being had some inability to conceive and although she says it was so, she had at least three children of her own. Sadly she doesn't have much interest in her own children, only other people's.

The children that Bonny had are all neglected, hidden from her social circle. Bonny avoided them and looked down her nose at their very existence, maybe in part because she hated herself or maybe because she did not like children at all, but rather the Machiavellian game of ruining the lives of the wives of the men she pursued. Some in the know of this woman's tendencies claim that she was obsessed with blue-eyed children because she thought that it will solve all of her problems to have one. Other's believe that she was more threatened by the perceived happiness that the wives of the men that she slept with had. No husband who had a relationship with Bonny could play the part of the innocent party because anyone who intentionally convinced their spouse to have a child knowing that their plan to leave them was no better than their deranged mistress. The only innocents of this were the wife and children.

To this day it is assumed that Bonny is at it over and over again with every new medical facility she is employed at until she is ousted once more. In the end, the one person she can not try to manufacture is herself. Let this be a lesson to those out there considering a workplace affair, that an office romance may be something far worse for the family that you care about and to be sure to vet those that suddenly tell you everything that you want to hear. Do you know of a person like this in your town? Write it up in the Conspiracy Meow! forums to tell the world how you feel. As always be sure to Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!

*Names are changed to protect privacy.