Planned Parenthood Patient Doxxers

Doxxing is typically a moral wrong unless it ventures into whistleblowing or so the general census would appear to be currently. When doxxing comes to the most personal of decisions for the most desperate of reasons it is even more egregious if it is done with the intent to harm another person based on a personal belief that interferes with patient privacy and/ or medical need. Yet this very offense has come to the attention of Conspiracy Meow! after a woman swore she had been doxxed in a manner that put herself and her family in harm's way after she sought legal reproductive care. Her tale seemed too compelling to ignore, thus I am imparting it to the public to see if it passes the plausibility test when put under scrutiny. This is the rumor of how Planned Parenthood protesters dox women seeking care.

When Lindy* went to Planned Parenthood her appointment was scheduled for immediate pregnancy termination. Her reasons ranged from her low-income status which did not allow her to care for the children that she already had, to her abusive relationship with the child's father whom she was already in the process of escaping, among other issues which caused her home to no longer be conducive to raising another child. She went in and sat in the waiting room where she received a frantic call from her partner who demanded that she return home. He knew where she was despite her taking extreme steps to conceal her plans. "How did he know?" It was the only question she had. It wasn't until later when he openly joined a fundamentalist church in town did she realize how she was likely doxxed. Looking into these radicals one would see self-praising posts on their media exclaiming their own family values. Those values though in practice have been described by some as pedophilic, sex-obsessed birthing extremists that use church donations to fund self-serving interests rather than community charity.

Of course, this story does have a source who pointed to the Faith Center Foursquare Church of Eureka California as her doxxers. She believed it was so because members of the church hover around the clinic grounds at all hours. The day she was doxxed an elderly member of the church had been sitting on a folding chair outside of the parking lot. She did not see anyone she knew or pass another vehicle when she was close to the clinic because she specifically chose an off-hour to visit, or so she said. Conspiracy Meow! does admit that it is possible that her car could have been lo-jacked or that Lindy may have been spotted by someone who knew her without her knowing. The clinic itself is on the edge of town with little street or foot traffic other than that of the clinic's patients and those who protest there. You can identify the pro-birthers by their simplistic and misleading signs promising help to women in need of care, however, lack any follow-up outside of voting against social assistance programs at the polls.

This would not be the first time that Conspiracy Meow! has tangled with said organization that has tax-exempt status in the eyes of the federal government. Upon investigation, this very group has not followed the Bible in the least when it comes to the teaching of pulling the plank from their own eye over that of another's sliver. The church focuses on teachings that would get the approval of Jeffery Epstein when it comes to sexualizing young girls because in that community virginity is the only value a female can possess, along with childbearing. This is not an anomaly in such factions, as the now cliche amount of youth pastors who are convicted of statutory rape on an annual basis is no laughing matter. The Faith Center Foursquare Church is so birthing-focused that at least one case of adultery was encouraged in order to continue birthing despite the infertile member of the couple being unaware of such an arrangement. Maybe the Faith Center Foursquare Church should be more direct in the labeling of their ways by calling themselves, The Cream Pie Enforcers.

Still Conspiracy Meow! operates with a reasonable measure of integrity when making reports on such serious matters, so in order to vet the truth some searching around had to be done. It did not take much to find that the Faith Center Foursquare Church funds a local anti-choice clinic, J. Rophe. This anti-choice clinic uses the tactic of mommy shaming anyone willing to listen into having a baby before completely ghosting them. When a J. Rophe spokesperson was asked if the office helps with social assistance programs such as food stamps, childcare, housing, or employment programs, the staffer on the other end of the line was stumped. The site however had a link that offered baby and maturity clothes, which apparently the pregnant person must "earn while you learn" in order to have access to. Even for an anti-abortion clinic, J. Rophe was a worthless bust among their other peers.

The hypocrisy alone was infuriating. Conspiracy Meow! although may be taking a leap does officially deem Lindy's concerns to at least be within the realm of possible. Was a desperate woman's safety put at risk by a group of narcissistic ignorami? The evidence thus far is damning for the Faith Center Foursquare Church in Eureka. It boggles the mind if these accusations are with merit. How can people who do so little for those outside of their "church" be so careless as to risk the lives of a woman and the children who are already living via domestic violence? It is a sin in itself called pride, the only virtue that can quell the levels of such unchecked pride is humility, which is why it is so important to make public behavior as is documented in this post. Lindy and her children were punished by their abuser because he was tipped off. Shame on those that doxxed Lindy. Man is not God, so please stop trying to assume his will by acting on your own whims.

*Names changed to protect privacy.