Ode to a Slutty Trimmer Chapter One: Trouble Comes in Spades

It would be correct to describe Summer's life as idyllic to an onlooker. Her home was the largest in a neighborhood that was pristine. Her partner was a chiseled jawed, tall, dark, and handsome type. Yet it was what went on behind the many false smiles and closed doors that proved an idealized life may just be a life worth escaping. It was on the morning after a brisk run with her partner, Mr. Landon Batista to the golf course and back, that Summer found herself more winded than usual. She sat down on the bench outside of their home as Landon unlocked the door. Summer leaned over to get a better angle to stretch her back. Landon reached out his hand for her to take after noticing that she was not getting up on her own. "What's with you today? You seem tired," he inquired in an annoyed tone. Summer responded "I think I tweaked my back. I feel like it is not aligned right or something, especially behind my heart." Landon was already inside not interested in her answer. He had taken off his clothes, dropping them on the floor knowing Summer would put them in the wash without him asking because she hated the sight of a mess. "You should probably get that looked at," he yelled to her from their master bathroom before turning on the shower. Summer focused on her ankle in its brace instead. She had overextended the ligament earlier that year when her foot failed to lift over the threshold of her office doorway. Her ankle bent under itself quite painfully as the misstep caused the joint to twist backward. "Yea, maybe I should," she mumbled knowing that Landon coul