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Mr. Meeseeks a Metaphor for High Functioning Depression Sufferers

When looking at a typical prescription anti-depressant commercial, one might think that those who suffer from depression wear the condition like a red sash across their chest. The truth is that often, depression can be masked, especially for those who suffer from it chronically. To those who do not know what chronic depression feels like I can only hope that you are one of many. As for the rest of us, I have found an allegory for you to bask in. That is the character of Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty. Mr. Meeseeks appears after being summoned and grants a request regardless of the simplicity or complexity of it. Mr. Meeseeks does so with joy as his existence is pain and also his motivation to get the job done in order to vanish. The ultimate message of Mr. Meesseeks is that just because a person is a high functioning individual, doesn't mean that they are not in pain.

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