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Max and Ruby; More Than Meets the Eye?

Nick Jr has an assortment of shows that in truth aren't half bad. There are a few shows that I would watch on my own even if I wasn't babysitting. Yet, for reasons unknown to me one show always got on my last nerve, it just so happened to also be my niece's favorite show, Max and Ruby. Sitting through each episode was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me and in an attempt to dull the pain of watching I made up a fan theory to make the suffering more bearable. This is my Max and Ruby fan theory and to all the babysitters out there listening to Baby Shark one too many times or holding back vomiting because of the smell of kid food is too much, I wish you luck.

Right off about the show, you will notice a lack of parents present. Every so often the grandmother is in an episode, but for the most part, Max and Ruby are unaccompanied minors living alone. In trying to reason as to why or how this happened, I went with the assumption that Ruby whose character is an unhinged control freak, killed their parents and now goes about her life acting as if everything is normal. It is hard to ignore though, that she is a child herself and is the sole caregiver to Max a mute, who may have stopped speaking due to the trauma of knowing he now is under the care of his murderess sister.

Next, we have to address the underlying tension and hateful friction that Ruby and Max have. Almost every episode focuses on Max undermining Ruby or Ruby being controlling toward Max. This plays into my theory in that Max knows and tests what he can get away with. Ruby loathes Max but knows he can report her at any moment. The grandmother also knows the family secret and is Max's only safeguard. This makes it impossible for Ruby to just off Max once and for all. The grandmother probably would have some skin in the game too like that the parents were financial abusers toward her or something along those lines. What do you think? Am I right, is there more that can be added? Am I wrong and Ruby is actually a young mother during the baby swoop era who has to act like Max's sister when she is in fact his mother?! Say what you think in the site forums and as always, Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!

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