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Kids in the Hall Brain Candy and the Love of Life's Stressors

Back when I worked in a medical clinic the common joke was that "mental health needs mental health." This was because the employees in the mental health clinic were often over-medicated themselves to the point of seeming heavily intoxicated. I may not have known whatever mental health issues that they had when they started working, but I did know that these employees would go from being able to hold a conversation to having their eyes roll back in their heads while awake on the job in a matter of weeks. The thing is though that those employees were clinically considered to be perfectly well by mental health community standards. I often speculated that this was because the mental health community has gone so far into the realm of "fixing" people that it is nearly thought of as a crime to be depressed, and why not? Are there not things to be unhappy about? I believe that the value of stress and sadness are often undersold in our world. The clinical criteria of depression involve it lasting with no external cause and interfering with day to day life, but are people being medicated because they are hitting a rough patch in life? This is my opinion and not medical advice regarding this topic.

The movie Kids in the Hall Brain Candy perfectly defines my concerns for a world that has reached too far in trying to filter any negative emotions no matter how valid those emotions may be. Obviously I'm not speaking of legitimate depression, but rather the action of medicating any unhappiness in times when it would be perfectly reasonable to be unhappy, i.e. after the death of a loved one or another tragedy. There is also stress, some of which is toxic like that of which prisoners of war endure and productive stress like in the case of healthy competition for a promotion at work. When both types of stress are grouped together as if they are equal and prescribed the same treatment, the positive and productive or even reverent side of humanity is stripped away.

Sadness and stress can lead to the betterment of mankind. Being unhappy about something causes innovation. Medical breakthroughs, improvements in technology, and much more are attributed often to the negativity that life gives us. Without soaking in the misery from time to time we can not overcome and create from what was lacking to prevent said tragedy from happening to others. So, take stock in life of the bad and use it as fuel to grow. As much of a satire as Brain Candy was, how far are we away from becoming that in today's world? I suggest to take actual depression seriously but also to embrace healthy stress. It is the best method to evolve.

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