It's Not a Weight Loss Journey

When scrolling through an Instagram post I find a concerning misrepresentation of the truth regarding one woman's weight loss journey. She writes about how she lost nearly one hundred pounds in just two years. It is represented as if she just woke up one day and decided to change her fate by becoming a CrossFit junkie out of nowhere. The pictures are not too alarming to a stranger, posts like "I'm at my goal weight" and "I did this so you can too." All with the standard trashy duck lips and multi-filter cliche images taken in a bathroom. To a person who is already down on themselves about their weight or someone who finds that their weight does not melt off in the same matter that these posts display, take heart there is a truth that these weight loss instant success stories may fail to mention. For this specific Instagrammer, it is that she is a known cocaine and methamphetamine user.

She posted many pictures of herself at the gym and in her fitness group. The thing that she did not post on her social media journey is that she is dating a man who is a known user as she herself is likely using illegal substances to achieve her results. Some might argue that she could have lost the weight on her own with hard work, but my sniff test isn't buying it for one second. This person goes as far as to fat shame others and in doing so reinforces false expectations on the healthy outcome of getting in shape. Don't let a lying coke head make you feel inferior in your weight loss journey, you are working for it, and the minute that a person like the one described above doesn't get their fix for too long their weight will come right back to them because they never earned their body only snorted their way temporarily into tacky control top leggings.