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Intellectual Property Theft is a Heinous Crime

My grandfather was an artist, my mother was an unpublished poet and as for myself, I am a writer. Art in one form or another has always been in my life. It is an outlet and a reflection of the world around me that I cling to in order to understand through artistic interpretation. In the case of my grandfather, even though we didn't get along, he used his art to pay the bills and care for his family. Now that my grandfather is gone, his art continues on as a family legacy to ensure the reputation and stability of his descendants. This brings me to my point, with art in every medium being so vital, why is it so common for it to be appropriated? Sure, there are similar ideas at the same time or themes that reemerge consistently, but I am speaking of those that knowingly and willingly fail to pay or even openly copy artists who depend on their art as a livelihood. This is my opinion on the issue of artists being cut out of the payroll.

To describe art, in the most general of terms, I would have to begin by saying that art is happiness, it is pain, and it is knowledge from experience. To steal art or intellectual property is to steal the life credit of a person that is not only unique to them but the lessons that they could impart to the world as a benefit from it. Sadly the majority of artists rarely make much money for their contributions to society. When they do make a little in return for their efforts, it goes right back to the people that supported them throughout the creative process. In other words, to cheat an artist is to cheat an entire support system.

The ultimate point to take away from this is; don't rob the people that spend their entire life trying to add their bit to the world for what they see as a purposeful enrichment. Instead, patron the arts and give artists their fair dues, if not in monetary means, at least in just credit. How do you support the arts? Reply in the forums or on the corresponding social media to tell how you are or how others have helped support the arts.

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