From the Pharmacy to the Street

A rumor has come to the attention of Conspiracy Meow! that has some serious merit. A person who wishes to remain unidentified has made known that an undisclosed pharmacy and likely many others are instead of disposing of expired opiates and other highly addictive drugs, are selling them, or passing them to those who will sell them on the black market. This is apparently a common goings-on among pharmacy staff. Let's break down why and how this is happening, plus why you should take a personal interest in it.

Regulation has weak points and this is one of them when it comes to self-reporting in the pharmaceutical community. Maybe it's a pharmacist's girlfriend or a good friend doing the actual selling, but when prescription pills find their way into the hands of willing buyers, we're got a problem. A national opiate addiction crisis has been strangling the country's economically depressed regions for years now and this may be why the downtrodden have such easy access to their personal poison. Sure there are regulations, but there is also oversight and inaccurate record-keeping to stitch together this unseemly activity. For some an honest day's work and the paycheck that comes along with it will never do, likely for this case, the money from this activity is too easy and bountiful to pass up.

Just about any pharmacy staff member could be doing this and again although this post is speaking in generalities it is important to know that innocent until proven guilty is a valuable cornerstone of our society's ethics and should be applied to the reasoning here. When pills can go for a high amount of money to a multitude of buyers and there is no trace of the pills going missing to begin with then what's stopping this crime- apparently nothing. There's no financial investment or fear of being caught for the sellers here. The pharmacy staff aren't the ones buying the pills, it's MediCal and the many insurance companies who are losing out. It's the taxpayer footing the bill or the insurance company passing the buck onto their customers to offset the high cost of over-ordering.

Outside of the monetary considerations, this is not a victimless crime as any child who has lived with an addicted parent could speak about it. Prescription pills have devastating effects when used outside of the care of a competent practitioner. Anna Nicols Smith, Marylin Monrow, Judy Garland, Britney Murphy to name a few of the more public deaths that were caused by prescription pill abuse. The size of the illegal pill market is vast with merchandise like Oxycondine, Ritalin, and Vicadon being filtered for recreational use, buyers keep coming back for more. The effects on bystanders are that of increased DUI statistics and include an added strain on the healthcare system as well.

The take away is this; it's definitely happening and someone should check into it. If a staff member who works at the pharmacy has a little too nice of a car or suddenly is a very popular person among groups that are a little too eclectic, there might be something more there than meets the eye. Never forget that innocent casualties are real, making turning a blind eye an act of enabling a destructive happening. Overall, be safe out there and leave your feedback in the forum section of your opinion on this conspiracy.