Federal Agencies: Veterans Need Not Apply

For this week's conspiracy, I went out on a limb and decided to write about a topic that has been bothering me for some time. As a person whose brother is a veteran, as well as many of my relatives I have seen the hassle that they have had to go through to have their job experience acknowledged when they return to the civilian job market. This has given me a bit of a chip on my shoulder when I see people who are not veterans who work in jobs that are meant to have veteran hiring priority. Now I know that some of these people are veteran's dependants like spouses or veteran's children or that they may have a degree that puts them as capable employees or that other factors like on the job experience can take precedence, maybe even that not all veterans look the same or are hard to tell if they ever were in the service. However when I see homeless veterans on the street or know people who are veterans with no criminal background and a college degree suited to a job that they can not get because a non-veteran has been hired over them I have concerns. This is my conspiracy that federal jobs are no longer giving veterans hiring priority at all.

Not too long ago I went to the park and all of the rangers were teenagers, not only that but their boss was likely not a veteran either. This struck me as odd because I have at least three friends who are veterans that just finished college and they are all looking for work. As a matter of fact at least one of them put in for that ranger job and they were turned down. So why are these people who are non-veterans getting these jobs? Are these jobs not open to veterans in the first place in spite of them supposedly having federal benefits for hiring veterans? My opinion is that they are not open to veterans because the colleges are stacked generations in with draft dodgers and people of that mindset. These draft dodgers all got college degrees while the veterans were at war. Then these draft dodgers later gave the benefits from them hanging back and taking up jobs and professorships responsibilities to their like-minded buddies.

With the federal job market being exclusive to non-veterans, where are the veterans getting work? It seems the biggest companies hiring those who were in the service are UPS, small and large hardware stores, many factory jobs, and various roughneck jobs. Though there are many that never get work at all, for them feelings of desperation and despair take over their dreams for stability after they have served their country. The only certainty that I have found when I go to places that are supposed to give veterans hiring priority, is that these facilities are increasingly anti-veteran in attitude.

Yet there is hope that veterans will hear the call that federal jobs have closed their doors to them. In doing so veterans can move to where they are welcome and not spend years being turned down for jobs that they are perfectly qualified to do and rather breadcrumbed into believing they could be hired. The federal job racket is just that, a joke. Does this conspiracy sound true? Do you know a veteran who was turned down for a job, but later found it to have been given to someone who would not be considered to have hiring priority? Tell your side of the story in the Conspiracy Meow! site forums and as always, Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!