Devil Worshipping and Unsolved Murders in NorCal

As a newbie P.I. to the conspiracy world, there are some extreme conspiracies that come across my desk from time to time. These conspiracies are more interesting than any TV series or movie out there as far as I am concerned. Things from shady scams to outright unbelievable fantasies people think are real (i.e., dinosaurs living underground are causing earthquakes), I get to hear about all of it. For the most part, if I have the time and there's a lead I'll go check it out. This was the case for me when I heard about rumors involving Satanic worshippers and their activities a few hours south of my town. This conspiracy I would say borders less on the tangible and more so in the realm of an urban legend because I had heard the same rumor when I was a young girl. Needless to say, I did my best to follow up on it, and this is what I came up with.

It all started when an unnamed source asked me why I hadn't written up anything about the "murdered people found on the Reservations?" They then went into detail about people in black robes that are said to be "devil worshippers" in NorCal who commits human sacrifices and later dispose of the bodies of their kills on Native American Reservations knowing that police do not have jurisdiction there. This seemed to be a revision of the story that I had heard as a child about Satanic worshippers who war black robes and chant at night in the outskirts of San Fransico. Of course, the story I heard didn't include human sacrifices. Out of nostalgia, I went where the information leads me. This took me to another local who said that the method used by these "murderers" is to have their followers act as pedestrians and surround vehicles going down isolated roads at night. Next, these supposed ner-do-wells cause the driver to have to yield. After that, a mack truck sideswipes the stopped car with the unsuspecting sacrifice(s) inside. The story ends with the people in the car that is hit are never heard from again. The source for Conspiracy Meow! then advised to slam into any group of people wearing black robes and walking in a secluded roadway at night in order to avoid becoming a human sacrifice instead of stopping, something that this site nor anyone associated with it condones doing by the way because it is attempted if not murder.

With no names to follow up on and no specific court cases to refer to that directly connects any official religious organization to this type of crime and the crime itself being spotty on the details when it was retold to me, I am going to have to assume that it is more fiction based than reality. There are people who murder people and there are people who are Satanists, but I have yet to find that the two are inherently connected. The reason that this type of story seems to persist from what I have found is both a combination of religious prejudice and willful disbelief that non-Christian faiths can be trusted by some. When looking into this conspiracy I found that for each person that I asked why they so avidly believe this story is because of things like the Murder Mountain situation in which the police were framed as incompetent in their ability to protect the public. As if there is an assumption that if one was true then so must the other be too.

I did reach out to The Satanic Temple to get their input on this conspiracy. I have yet to hear back though. My plan was to ask if they knew where this conspiracy originated and if conspiracies like this have caused people of their faith to be unjustly persecuted. In the end, the rumor that I heard as a child seems to be still circulating to this day, only now more embellished than ever. I suppose that it could also be possible that if Satanist are walking around wearing black robes for their religion that this conspiracy may have been started to encourage others to attack practicing Satanists who are not doing any type of human sacrifice, but rather exercising their right to peacefully assemble for their faith. I assume that if a Satanist was to be out at night or on their way to a meeting an onlooker could see them walking and because of the false information from this misleading rumor which seems to be fear-based as Satanic worshippers do not use human sacrifices. The said onlooker might plow into those who are simply walking in their religious garb. Officially I am debunking this conspiracy. To The Satanic Temple, I would very much so like to hear your take on something like this. Is the real conspiracy here that a rumor was started to encourage drivers to intentionally hit and run members of a marginalized community? Say your piece about it in the site forums and as always, Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!