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College Essays for Sale

I've said it before and I'll say it again, college is corrupt and academia is a joke. Maybe at some point in time, there was an amount of substance to that world, but from what I have seen, all substance is not only lacking, it has totally fled the scene. The scholarly world has become nothing short of an opinion engineering plant and as such, I am here to spill the tea with this week's conspiracy about college admission essays and the like. Buckle in I'm about to drop some dimes.

Some might say that a rather large amount of admissions essays are ghostwritten. The reason that this comes up is twofold parts for the blame. The first being that the colleges expect young incoming students to have an unrealistic amount of wisdom and experience for their age. By that, I mean those who are fresh out of high school are some of the biggest buyers of these types of essays, the second being foreign exchange students who are worried that their cultural differences will be viewed unfavorably by admissions board members. For the exchange students with a bit of money to put toward this service/product they find that they are supposed to walk a fine line between being different without being too different to the point they are in a constant catch 22 scenario. The second portion of the blame falls on the students themselves who are too intimidated and conditioned against failure to risk their dream school admission process alone.

This issue doesn't stop at the admissions process either. Academic coursework can be fabricated easily too. Although in saying that it takes a village to game the process, with test day being particularly tricky depending on the venue. Some of these services are as cheap as word of mouth or knowing the right people, but if you want that perfect score on your SAT you're going to have to put your money where some old guy's/lady's wallet is. For the most part, faking an entire STEM degree is going to be unfeasible, but having a person who can write up a few essays or research reports is totally common practice.

The truth of it all is the simplicity in the core of each essay. All college admissions essays need to be written toward that specific college's talking points of that time. Last year Berkely was all about climate change and sustainability, for an ivy league like Harvard you'd want to write about international business/relationships tied to social justice as the future, and so on and so forth. It's not that hard and yet price points range from a few hundred per essay to the thousands if you are working with a guaranteed professional. In saying that though, does Lil Jenny who had a 2.0GPA all through high school need to have that Princeton MBA to feel validated? Maybe only as much as her parents are willing to bankroll for their own bragging rights. That's the conspiracy anyway. Say if you believe it or not in the site forums or on the Conspiracy Meow! social media page and as always, "Let Your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!"

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