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Bridget Jones Had No Good Prospects

Oh, Ms. Jones! Times have certainly changed from when the original book was written and today. Tinder, Netflix 'n Chill, and all the other dating games single people play with one another have evolved so much over the last two decades. To look at the Bridget Jones saga, it is easy to find that the entire series is cataloging the life of a woman looking for love, but all she gets is trouble for her efforts. Did Bridget get her just rewards in life and love by the story's end? This is my fan theory on this fictional character's love life and why she should have broadened her dating candidate search.

To start with we have to look at who our lead actually dated, and not all of the cast-offs not featured in the series. To do so we have to consider the player and her former employer, Daniel Cleaver. Putting aside all of the #metoo moments that they both had together at work, we have to consider if they were ever even a couple at all. One might argue that Bridget was a mere booty call to Cleaver. Or that she was a pawn in Cleaver and Darcy's ongoing disputes. Either way, Cleaver and Bridget by many standards are more of friends than much else in terms of their relationship status.

As for the man that she eventually ends up with we must now examine the cold fish that is Mark Darcy. He is the person that from modern opinion Bridget may have settled for. This may be why when given the chance she jumped the bones of the tech mogul, Jack Qwant. A random guy that was Mr. Right-Now. Mark never fulfills Bridget's emotional needs as a woman, which is a huge part of any normal relationship. In a world where a real Mark to Bridget dynamic exists, the Bridget of their pair would cheat at the drop of a hat in order to remain a fulfilled person, which is not healthy for anyone in that equation.

In the end, Bridget probably should have casually dated, not dated at all or in the least kept looking, but by saying that the cold fish was her true love her story isn't fooling anyone. It's okay to never have "the one" because people change over time and they probably will not change together compatibly after long enough together anyway. The person you are with reflects who you are at the moment and that doesn't have to be permanent. In truth, there are times when being single is the best option rather than being with just any person to fill your time. Find happiness as it comes to you instead of pretending that happiness is something you can paint into your life when it is not there. Bridget's character was so afraid to be single that she never bothered to be happy.

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