Big Foot Is That You?

In northern California, there are two topics that you can use to get through just about any conversation to avoid uncomfortable silences. The first is that of the drug use either for or against and the second is the topic of Big Foot. Yes, in Nor-California Big Foot can either be believed in or not, but people will talk about him at length on many levels. As a person who is almost sure that Big Foot doesn't live in my area, it can be a little hard to hear the die-hard believers as they rant about their theories. Recently after listening to a group of Big Foot trackers a friend brought up a good point. What if Big Foot was seen, but not as we know him? This is her theory, see if you find it to be as believable as I do.

There are a great many camping sites here in Big Foot country. There are also beautiful hiking routes and waterways to visit. Among these spectacular visuals, there are the people who come from far and wide, along with those who have lived here their whole life partaking of the great outdoors. Of this, it is not uncommon to run into people who are on a miniature adventure of their own in the wilderness. Families go backpacking, friends, and couples get out to spend time together. Some of these campers are even people having a bit of their own version of Burning Man, they manage their trip by going out of their way to avoid society for a couple of days to do some hallucinogenic drugs.

With campers in close quarters in the national parks and not all of them entirely sober you can imagine that can cause confusion between the different groups. The type of confusion that a hallucinating man who is wandering alone by a creek and is seen by a group of onlookers might inspire. Yes, make no mistake about it, I believe for this fan theory that many of the Big Foot sightings were that of varied incidents of oversized naked men who are hikers that were walking around the woods high as a kite. For those who doubt my theory, feel free to add your own thoughts in the Conspiracy Meow! site forums, but as a person who has dated exclusively bear-like men their entire adult life I can attest that yes men can be so hairy as to be mistaken for Yetis. In the meanwhile, this Labor Day Weekend, if you see a possible Big Foot walking around say so in the site forums and as always; Let your Inner Shut In Totally Wig Out!