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A Ready or Not Fan Theory

Ready or Not is a clever 2019 movie that lays out a delightful plot that is a combination of horror, action, dark comedy, and a thriller as one. The film centers on a young bride who marries into a very wealthy, although morally bankrupt family. Be warned, this post contains spoilers, so if you haven't already watched Ready or Not, the plot is about to be exposed. You've been warned. This particular fan theory is how Grace, the bride of the film, played by the beautiful Samara Weaving, was able to come out victorious over her devil-worshipping in-laws, despite having no obvious advantages whatsoever. Let's begin.

To understand how the plot came together with Grace on top, we first have to look at the family she is in contest against, the Le Domas. The patriarch Tony, finds Grace to be too common for his beloved son. The matriarch Becky sympathizes with Grace, but not at the expense of her family. Then there are the Le Domas siblings, Alex who is Grace's new husband loves her dearly. Daniel is an unwilling participant in the family's rituals, yet still, a participant for the most part, along with his wife, ironically named Charity who is, in fact, a described gold-digger. The last of the Le Domas siblings is Emilie, a cocaine addict with her husband Fitch, a hanger-on who is as indifferent to engaging in murder as he is with acknowledging his wife's shortcomings as a person. They have two sons, Gabe and Georgie, who may remind Daniel of his younger self. The Le Domas family together are a little too soft and a little comfortable in their societal position to be an organized threat to Grace, for the most part, nonetheless, they become a threat by way of their advantageous resources and numbers.

As for Grace, she was never meant to win this game of hide and seek. The card she drew was probably because of the lack of impurity in her intentions for wanting to join the Le Domas family. Unlike Fitch and Charity, Grace wanted to be loved and accepted by the Le Domas, due to her being a child of the foster care system. This left Grace with a void from her unstable years as a youth that she sought to mend by becoming a part of the Le Domas family. This explanation of the ill-fated card surfacing echoes back to the beginning of the film when Helene hunted her new husband Charles, who also had to die by the same game because the devil can not be second banana to love. It likely doesn't bode well that the family wasn't even sure if the curse was real as Fitch openly questioned it at a point during the chase of Grace.

The fatal mistake of the Le Domas family was that they lost their respect for the devil. When the hide and seek card is drawn and Grace's fate is seemingly sealed, she is the only one to toast to Mr. Le Bail, while the Le Domas family raise their glasses to him as a formality. The disrespect is further continued as the family, all for their own reasons decide to cease to follow the rules of the game and use modern technology to hunt Grace. To them, the devil's game is too far a departure from the niceties of their lavish life. Sure, the Le Domas family would have a goat sacrifice ritual every so often, but when it came to offing a person, they wanted it to be overly convenient in order to get on with life. Tony even says that he has a scheduled tee- time in the morning, showing his lack of commitment to his benefactor. The family also uses Stevens the butler to capture Grace for them after they each fail. Stevens uses a tranquilizer gun on Grace, not the most sporting of acts by the Le Domas, distancing themselves as loyal followers to the devil and becoming more akin to moochers.

The Le Domas family had a hefty dose of infighting as well that only helped aid Grace in her survival. When Daniel gave up his new Uncle Charles those 30 years ago it never sat right with him and he ultimately takes a stand against killing Grace by poisoning his family and untying Grace from the sacrificial altar near the film's end. It is Alex who changes his tune and is the one to stick a dagger into Grace's shoulder, a far cry from his original intention to free Grace and run away together at finding out his wife's fate in the film's start.

There were possibly some supernatural themes at play that were in Grace's favor too. Grace had a small chili tattooed onto her hand. This tattoo could be representative of a cornicello, a protective symbol meant to ward off "the evil eye." This may have worked to protect Grace. Did this protect her from being found too soon when Georgie shot her in the stable? Leaving her to have to climb out of the rancid goat pit and use the hole in her hand as a tool to pull herself up when the ladder beneath her breaks. It's hard to say, but it does make for a good plot point of if it helped or hindered her in her evasion of the murderous Le Domas family during that scene.

The summation of the film had a lot to take in. Mr. Le Bail seemed to let Grace decide if she would spare Alex from the exploding death that befell his family, of which Grace chose to deny Alex amnesty. The Le Domas family were eradicated upon their failure to win the game and Grace can now take over or walk away from the Le Domas fortune. All in all a great film, which had intricate symbology and a kind of script that doesn't come around every day. Leave your feedback in the Conspiracy Meow! site forums on your take of this cult-classic.

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